Internal Medicine and General Infectious Diseases

Clinical Research

Dr. Gathe and his team is dedicated to administering state of the art individually designed treatment programs to improve the lives of HIV clients and move all of us closer to the illusive cure. Over the last 25 years we have participated in over 100 research initiatives several of which were pivotal in bringing the approval of life saving HIV treatment to patients. We are proud of our “first in the world” discoveries:

  • The first report of the ability of tetracycline derivatives to control the deadly parasite toxoplasmosis.
  • The first to report a cure for the life-threatening parasidic infection
  • Cryptosporidiosis, which has lead to severe diarrhea and death in patients with advance HIV disease.
  • And also the first to report the ability of a single drug to adequately control the HIV virus in the majority of subjects studied.

Dr. Gathe has published these reports and presented extensively at national and international conferences and has been published in professional journals such as AIDS, Annals of Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine, and the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (JAIDS), just to name a few. We are currently participating in over 20 active treatment protocols to advance the field of HIV care for our clients.